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Our Process

An Elite Construction Manager will sit with you and discuss the project life cycle and what your expectations are. We want you to leave that meeting confident in our ability to deliver as promised and more importantly that we take your investment in building improvement seriously.

Our Process

What to Expect


Design/ Permitting

Once you are comfortable with the conceptual design, drawing package generation and permitting can begin. Elite can handle this in-house to streamline the project kickoff & begin construction on your new improvement.


Building Construction

Through detailed planning and coordination, Elite can streamline construction while reducing overall cost of a project. Whether it is a pre-engineered metal shop building or full-scale development, you will be treated with the same care and respect we show all our customers. We understand that time is of the essence. If we cannot meet your project timeframe during our construction phase, we will find you someone who can. Period.


Equipment Sets/ Process Installation

If Elite is included on front-end design, we can pre-plan major equipment sets while we have heavy lift equipment on-site for steel building erection; effectively mitigating additional mobilization and equipment charges that would typically be billed by a separate contractor. Our full-service industrial division crews can fabricate, install and turnover fully constructed manufacturing and process lines.


Commission & Turnover

When we have completed a project there should be no question about completeness. We do not leave until you are satisfied with turnover. We make sure that our work is aesthetically pleasing and exactly what you contracted us to complete. Nothing makes us happier than handing over the keys to a new building to a pleased customer.

Our Capabilities

General Contracting
Elite Constructors offers General Contracting Services. Our goal is to work not only as your General Contractor, but also as your construction consultant. By working with our clients from the developmental stages, we help to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is to help “Value-Engineer” the projects in every stage. From time lines to cost control, our goal is to meet your every need.
Construction Management
When our clients desire to be more closely involved in the construction process, Superior Construction operates as a Construction Management Company. This allows the client to directly facilitate funds for the project, timelines, and other aspects of the project. Superior Construction works to help guide the company, sub-contractors, and others involved in the project to ensure success.
On Call 24/7
When production stops and crop quality is at risk, we’ll be there to help you get back up and running. Being an industrial service provider, we are accustomed to working nights! When your operation is 24/7 and need a contractor on-site at 0100 hours, we’ll be there rain or shine! Planned or unplanned shutdown? We will be there when you need us. Days, nights, weekends or holidays, our quality of work does not change.
We have over 17,000 sq. ft of shop space and equipment dedicated to fabrication. We have fabricated entire metal buildings, staircases, catwalks, handrails, and more inside these extents. Our employees We have a highly-skilled team of professional fabricators with decades of experience and ability. We are proud to say we have some of the best combo welders and millwrights in the region.
Design & Drafting
We are always willing to help our clients meet tight project schedules or mitigate impacts to production on a T&M basis. For projects with longer life cycles, our motto: Concept to Completion says it all. Our Teams can facilitate full design and drafted fabrication or construction packages for shop fabricators or on-site execution teams. For those capital projects with strict budgets, we use a lean approach to trim waste from the process and only provide our clients with the requested deliverables while leveraging the latest technologies.
UAV Survey & Laser Scanning
Through key strategic partnerships, Elite Construction can facilitate the production of as-built 3D models or drawings by leveraging the latest technology on the market. The laser scanning functionality is a highly useful tool when retrofitting an obsolete production line or relocating process equipment from one building to another. To avoid high-priced T&M billings we can coordinate a quick-turnaround as-built design and routing plan that mitigates the excessive field dimensioning and layout utilize